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About the founders

Pr. David Ssekaboga is a founding member and the President of Purposeful Living Ministries International (PLMI) founded in 2007 which gave birth to purposeful Living Church (PLC). Pr. David Ssekaboga is married to Pr. Sarah Alibeera Namutebi Ssekaboga and they a blessed with four children.

Pr. David Ssekaboga holds a Master of Public Health(IHSU), Master of Public Infrastructure Management (Makerere University), Master of Divinity (Teleo University) Bachelor of Env. Health Science, Diploma in Env. Health Science, Advanced Diploma in Health Leadership and Management and pursuing a Doctorate of Ministry and Organisation Management

Pr. David Ssekaboga is a seasoned bible teacher, mentor, leadership and church administration couch and the current overseer of Greater Kisasi Bornagain Pastors’ Fellowship (GKBPF) under NFPBAC. His passion for the youth led to the birth of the Mission Possible Youth ministry which holds an annual convention among other activities and “Iron Sharpens Iron” Leaders Conference.

Executive Team

David & Sarah SSekaboga

Lead Pastors

Nywevu Kityo Tonny


Lubyayi Nicholas Philip


Kalonda Vincent


Ssali Moses